About Nina Jonio

After completing a program of Neurological Reorganization with her own children more than 20 years ago, Nina Jonio studied under Florence Scott, RN, a founder of Neurological Reorganization. She then continued her studies at NFR in Germany and in 1998, upon completing her education, she co-founded the non-profit Developmental Movement Center in Seattle, Washington, with fellow practitioner Bette Lamont. Nina later joined the staff of Northwest Neurological Training Center in 2005 as Program Director. She has provided direct client services, presentations, and training for professionals, as well as practitioner training. In 2009, Nina began Neurodevelopment Solutions (NDS) and now travels the country to meet and assist clients one-on-one. She has treated thousands of clients—both children and adults—with remarkable success.

In addition to her years of experience providing direct client services, Nina conducts a variety of outreach activities. She has coordinated numerous screening events, appeared as a speaker at conferences and seminars, and conducted training for hundreds of professionals and families.